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Asset Management

The family-owned private bank is almost dead, or that’s what we would believe if we looked at last year’s results of Swiss banking titans, UBS and Credit Suisse. Who has avoided the acquisition net and how are they remaining competitive? Melanie Stern reports

The Middle East is a burgeoning market and there are many wealthy families needing specialist financial services. Philippe Jouard describes the challenges facing the private banking sector in meeting the cultural and financial demands of this clientele

Fuelled by smart globalisation of business and investment interests, the explosion in family wealth across India and the Far East has private banks salivating and eager to set up shop in this fruitful and burgeoning new territory, finds Melanie Stern

As the need for outside investment slowly erodes a corrupt regulatory environment and the shackles of state control, Shamil Magomedov and Melanie Stern find foreign private banks looking to Russia to tap into the burgeoning family business sector

Private wealth management advice can be hit and miss. Thomas Livergood examines what family businesses need and how to prepare a shortlist of questions to tell if the firm is a goldmine of priceless nuggets and top services – or a minefield of expensive guff

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