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Asset Management

Starting with virtually nothing in the 1940s, the Jacobson family built an industrial distribution empire now worth over $3 billion. Suzy Bibko discusses the challenges of the business and the creation of its family investment firms

With the price of gold increasing to over $600 an ounce and the fundamentals underpinning its continued rise still strong, many investors will be considering their returns on this precious metal. So how to go about investing in it? asks Richard Willsher

Showing potential management talent you mean business is a challenge for family companies. Patrick Peyton explains how family businesses can attract and retain a strong management team against stiff competition for talent with non-family corporates

Charles Lowenhaupt explains how US families can use ‘dynasty trusts’ to ensure their business and financial legacy lives on beyond their generation – but the real key is finding the right trustee wealth steward to manage the assets beyond the benficiaries’ lifetime

If you need a reasonably risk-averse option for your investment portfolio then gold may be the answer. But how will it function in terms of yield, and as part of the current economic climate? Richard Willsher examines what the future holds for gold

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