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Asset Management

Finance : Private Banking

As the number of high net worth individuals continues to grow at breakneck speed, private banks are beginning to expand into emerging economies. Kamal Mehta looks at what these new clients want and what the banks need to provide

Focus : The Fleming Collection

The Fleming family’s private art collection has moved from its Scottish roots to a modern London base. Housed next to the family-owned private bank in stylish Mayfair, Suzy Bibko argues it’s not only a must-see, it’s a must-have for all family businesses

Governance : philanthropy

Philanthropy is changing, and for the better. With billionaires setting a new standard in how their wealth can positively impact others, the world is set to become a better place. Sam Davis III and Dennis Jaffe discuss the thinking behind strategic philanthropy

Finance : Private Banking

Tax, estate planning and inheritance issues are now important strings to a private bank’s bow. Maria Scott reports on exactly what large, multinational private banks are offering, and whether they are catering for the precise needs of today’s HNWIs

In Asia, many businesses are family-owned, but the “advising” industry seems to be in its infancy. One such field that is gaining ground is family offices. While no one format has come to the forefront, the model is becoming more widespread, and families, bankers and investment advisors are understanding the need and usefulness of the concept. Families in Business spoke with Chew-Mee Kirtland, managing director of Mornington Services, a multi-family office based in Singapore, about the trends in Asian family offices

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