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Morgan heads for centenary with green sports car

The Morgan Motor Company, the world's oldest family car company, has received the backing of John Hutton, the UK Secretary of State for Business and Enterprise.

Visiting the company's HQ to cast his eyes over the LIFECar – a low carbon sports car Morgan is developing in collaboration with some of the top universities in the UK – the minister paid tribute to the iconic family business.

"Morgan is a great example of British business," said Hutton. "As a family-run business with 100 years of experience, it combines traditional manufacturing with modern, innovative design and technology, evident in the new LIFECar."

The LIFECar (pictured) aims to build on the green credentials of Morgan's other sports cars, which have an environmental rating equivalent to the much lauded Toyota Prius thanks to low weight, low emissions and the use renewable materials.

"I am impressed by the way Morgan is developing its vehicles to increase the sustainability of its models, from the use of stop-start technology and low resistance tyres to new fuel sources which help cut carbon emissions," continued Hutton.

The LIFECar uses a Qinetiq fuel cell that gives zero emissions at point of use, with a range of 250 miles.  It will do 0-60 in under seven seconds with a potential top speed of 80-85 mph.

"The LIFECar project illustrates that Morgan is keen to develop a future direction that offers enhanced sustainability," emphasised Charles Morgan, family member and managing director.

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