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Family Business

January 1, 2002

Family businesses in Australia account for 40% of Australia’s private sector output, but they are heading for a period of unprecedented change

A vast number offamily companies in Australia will have new owners or managers within a decade, This article is based on a recent study, The Australia Family and Private Business Survey 1997, conducted by myself and Claudio Romano, a fellow Director at the AXA Family Business Research Unit. Our research, which included a sample size of 1500 family firms, found that the family business sector has concerns for the future, is not planning effectively and is heading for a period of unprecedented change – namely changes in the ownership and control of family held corporations.

September 1, 2001

Families in Business talks to Peter Leach, Chairman of the Stoy Centre, and co-Chairman of the first FFI conference to be held in Europe

"Running a successful family business is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle – unless all the pieces fit together exactly, it's a mess," says Peter Leach, Chairman of The Stoy Centre for Family Business.

"Recently, so many pieces of the jigsaw have changed that we're now looking at a different picture. From now on, the speed of change is likely to be so fast that the family  business sector will be less like a jigsaw, and more like a moving image.

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