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  • Whom do you trust out there? In the current climate of downturn and austere suspicion, the likelihood is fewer individuals and organisations than you did before 2007. But do you trust your family?

  • Very few people wish to take a risk at the moment. With both consumers and businesses hunkered down in the trenches and the shells of uncertainty flying overhead, merely hanging onto and guarding what you’ve got rather than going forth to multiply is the order of the day.  

  • Anyone who has ever said business is less interesting than sport has got to have his or her head tested. And if you add family business into the mix, then things get even zippier.

  • Jeff Raikes has been tasked with giving away billions of dollars by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. But the former Microsoft employee says he’s no modern-day Santa Claus.

  • Mark Zuckerberg may not have struck you as a classic family guy: 2.2 kids, mortgage, overweight Labrador, Sunday lunch with his nearest and dearest. But I think he should give the family way a try.

  • As the interminable death throes of Greece’s euro membership continue, discussion has centred on the uneasy relationship that the Greeks appear to have with truth and probity (And how this contrasts with the upright, scrupulously honest Germans). 

  • With knockbacks frequent, the morale levels in business are not high and every little bit of praise and spirit-lifting counts, helping organisations pull together. It doesn’t take much to say “well done”.

  • Just when you thought the name of Goldman Sachs could be subjected to no further opprobrium came the news of a secret deal between the bank and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. This settlement followed a lengthy and complex dispute over national insurance contributions that featured a scheme involving Goldman Sachs Services, an associated company in the British Virgin Islands. Yawn yawn, you might think. 

  • One can’t help but be fascinated by IKEA. Whether due to a sense of bewilderment that so many millions of people are willing to subject themselves to the bizarre torture of the IKEA shopping process. Or the mystery surrounding the popularity of their restaurant meatballs, which even have their own Facebook page.

  • The family business model consistently is shown to wipe the floor with rival methods of ownership. The latest has come booming out with the compelling headline in the UK Times newspaper that "Happiest employees are those who can say they are part of the family."

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