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  • James Stowers Jr built a multibillion dollar business, survived cancer and established a world-class medical research facility. He explains to Marc Smith why he decided to give back something more valuable than money.

  • With the volatility in stockmarkets and the ongoing sovereign debt problems, wealthy families and their family offices are not alone in wondering how the current problems will resolve themselves, writes Marc Smith.

  • The image of Russian entrepreneurs in the popular press may be of rapacious capitalists with a penchant for huge yachts and modern art, but the reality is somewhat more complex according to a new report by UBS/Campden Research, writes Marc Smith.

  • Marc Smith spoke to UBS’s Martha Bigliardi about family business and family wealth in Russia, and what she is advising entrepreneurs to do as they look to the twin challenges of succession planning and wealth management

  • The name Thorntons is synonymous with confectionery, but the family story behind the chocolate giant is anything but sweet. Peter Thornton talks exclusively to Marc Smith about working in a chocolate dynasty where family unity has melted away

  • To identify how the private banking industry is performing in the current climate, independent information and networking platform selected 20 of the largest and most important European private banks for a survey on three distinct criteria

  • As Vittorio Missoni, second-generation CEO of iconic Italian fashion house Missoni, demonstrates in an exclusive interview on page 30, his company neatly encapsulates the complex, sometimes paradoxical issues that many families and the businesses they own or control are currently facing.

  • When the Manuli family went public with its Manuli Rubber company in 1997, Antonello Manuli did something many cash-rich family business owners have done – he set up a family office. But that’s where the similarities with most of his peers end, writes Marc Smith.

  • As we reported last week, family businesses were very well represented in a list of the world’s most ethical companies. But what defines an ethical company and how can family businesses – traditionally seen as being inherently socially responsible – improve what they do in this field, asks Marc Smith

  • Over lunch yesterday after an exclusive tour of the Rothschild family archive, Baron Eric de Rothschild, sixth-generation chairman of Rothschild Private Banking & Trust, admitted he does not like the word dynasty, writes Marc Smith

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