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  • Courses addressing the educational needs of those working in family businesses are a relatively new development. Now a plethora of institutions offer some form of dedicated family business training. George Malim explores some of the programmes on offer

  • India’s burgeoning middle-class, skilled workforce and low cost structure make it a potentially attractive investment arena for HNWIs and family offices. But local expertise is critical for investors to identify opportunities and maximise a company’s performance, writes George Malim

  • There are several routes owners can take to sell off the family business. However, the process is not always as straight-forward as some may think.George Malim outlines the best way to please everyone and get the best price before the seller puts their feet up

  • Family firms are not inherently big risk-takers. Responsibility sits heavily on a leader’s shoulders because they will not want to sacrifice generations of toil. However, caution does not mean a company cannot be successfully competitive, writes George Malim

  • Preparing a company to globalise its operations depends on the nature of the business and the suitability of its products. George Malim reviews the options open to family firms

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery have long been associated with banks and multinationals, but as any business caught in a crisis has learned, meticulous contigency planning is sound advice for all

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