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  • Family businesses shouldn’t think they are more ethical because of their adherence to stewardship and long-term planning.

  • There was God, then Jesus, and then Gianni Agnelli – so people used to say. Possibly the greatest, certainly the most stylish post-World War II industrialist Europe has ever seen. 

  • Many business owners in the UK are driven by short-term priorities like selling the company to make money and do not pay enough attention to longer-term strategic objectives, according to a new report.

  • We at CampdenFB would like to wish all of our readers a very happy Christmas and a happy holiday period. 

  • Despite the huge growth of the very rich in the big emerging markets, family offices have been slow to take hold. Campden asks why.

  • Family Enterprise USA is conducting its annual survey of what family businesses in America are feeling towards the economy and government policy.

  • Despite the big role family businesses play in employment generation and economic activity in countries worldwide, governments are doing little to support the sector.

  • Family Firm Institute revealed at its annual conference in Brussels that it has grown its international membership strongly as the Boston-based association engages with more family businesses and their advisers.

  • One thing the financial meltdown of 2008 and the subsequent slowdown in economic growth for much of the world has sparked is a debate about the appropriate types of capitalism for the future. Much talk has centred on reining in the excesses of the financial services sector that nearly led the world into global depression.

  • Mitt Romney might be struggling to engage with certain sections of the US electorate, but one group prefer him much more than Barack Obama – family businesses.

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