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  • Middle East family businesses should avoid the worst excesses of western businesses practices and remain committed to the communities they work in, according to a leading family business advocate and social entrepreneur.

  • The Ford family has retained control over the eponymous automaker, despite a growing number of shareholders voting in favour of ending dual-class shares. 

  • Dr John Coors, fourth-gen chief executive of ceramics company CoorsTek and a member of the Coors brewing dynasty, is behind the launch of an investment group targeting Africa that plans a new approach to investing in the continent.

  • Record prices being paid for top-end art work and a big increase in insurance cover for them show the asset class is more popular than ever, as demand for tangible investments continues to flourish.

  • The rich aren’t idle and when they aren’t thinking about work, they’re thinking about health, according to two new surveys.

  • The number of wealthy families that have opted for so-called written constitutions to resolve potential conflicts has surged since the onset of the financial crisis, according to a new survey.

  • Thomas Minder runs a third-generation Swiss family business making herbal toothpaste – his commitment to the family business is admirable, but he is more likely to be remembered for starting a revolt against excessive executive pay. 

  • After upheavals in the family fortune, Murray Capital, a Scottish family office, is using the direct approach to ensure a lasting legacy for future generations.

  • Alexis du Roy de Blicquy, the newly appointed chief executive of the Family Business Network International, says he wants to work more closely with the individual country chapters of the FBN as he looks to consolidate the rapid growth of the Switzerland-based organisation. 

  • Ask someone in Hong Kong, or for that matter Los Angles, Rio de Janeiro or Dubai, what their perception is of the state of Europe’s economy and you’ll probably get some pretty standard responses. 

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