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Campden Wealth, in association with Advent Software, has launched an interactive video which aims to offer families and family offices an introduction to technology and how it can enhance the performance of their office. Click on the image to the left.

Anheuser-Busch has rejected InBev's unsolicited proposal, which could lead to a hostile takeover. Read on to see exactly what August Busch IV had to say to Inbev's CEO, Carlos Brito.

Michael Fischer takes a look at philanthropy in America and discovers that the very concept of philanthropy is being redefined

Families often cite creating a lasting legacy alongside making a difference as one of the most important tenets of their philanthropy.

An exclusive excerpt from the US Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management/Campden Research study Protecting the Family Fortune

The latest issue of Families in Business includes a profile of three of the world's most glamorous restaurants. Here are the recipes of some of their signature dishes.

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