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Web Exclusives

Campden Wealth, in association with Advent Software, has launched an interactive video which aims to offer families and family offices an introduction to technology and how it can enhance the performance of their office. Click on the image to the left.

As of today, Campden Publishing is relaunching Families in Business as Campden FB. Both the website and the magazine will retain their acclaimed content but will now be known as and Campden FB respectively.

Reschke Wines is based in the Coonawarra, an area renowned as being one of Australia's finest wine regions and for producing world-class red wines, particularly cabernet sauvignon. One family business is profiting from this wine-growing utopia in an unusual way, reports Antje Doel

Does your family business have a true sense of urgency? Harvard Business School’s professor of leadership John P Kotter believes creating a high enough sense of urgency among a large enough group of people is needed in almost every organisation in the world given the current fast-moving and turbulent business climate.

It could have been a plot from one of his celebrated operatic works, but a power struggle between two branches of the Wagner family for control of their great grandfather’s cultural legacy was all too real until it was finally resolved this week.

Owning a sports team is seen by some as the ultimate status symbol and recently more and more families have been getting in on the act.

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