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Special report

Special Report : Entrepreneurialism In Europe

Innovation and entrepreneurialism have been the hallmarks of successful family businesses for centuries. But, given today’s global marketplace, just how important are these factors to a successful company? Andrea Chipman investigates

Special Report : Entrepreneurialism In Europe

Entrepreneurs are everywhere and spreading their unique gospel in all four corners of the globe. Marc Smith looks at what defines a true entrepreneur and examines what some of Europe’s newest and most well-known family entrepreneurs are up to

Families in Business speaks with Khalid Kanoo, founding member of the new Bahrain Family Business Association, about the current issues facing family businesses in Bahrain and why he would like to see more of these businesses going public in the future

After four years of economic expansion, the oil-rich states of the Gulf should continue their record run into the next decade. With a hospitable environment for business families and major investment opportunities, make a leap, says Andrea Chipman

As an international financial centre, Singapore offers financial institutions a conducive, pro-business environment, cost-competitiveness and a highly-skilled and cosmopolitan labour force. Furthermore, it has long been recognised as one of the best cities for business with a strategic geographical location, at the heart of the rapidly-developing Asian market. So, it seems that doing business in, or with, Singapore is a no-brainer – yet we here very little about the country in comparison with other Asian powerhouses. Families in Business spoke with Erina Han of the Monetary Authority of Singapore to find out what’s on offer in Singapore for family businesses

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