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From selling postcards in his room at the Kansas City YMCA in the early 20th century, Joyce Hall’s greetings card empire has become a financial giant. Hallmark has also been dubbed a ‘magical place to work’. Scott McCulloch discovers the secrets of its success

British institutional pension funds are still struggling to marry a growing interest in ethical investments with their perceived fiduciary responsibilities, says Melanie Stern

SRI and CSR are big buzzwords in the West, where the ethics of corporates seem largely bereft. Investors in the Far East are warming to the idea, finds Melanie Stern, but the region has its own set of hurdles to overcome

Some business-owning families believe that family success in philanthropy is much easier than family success in business. Not so. A family foundation still has to pass through the generational stages of involvement and control – with all the associated issues

Good corporate governance should extend to all areas of a family business, including its philanthropic ventures

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