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Ownership and Management

The Enterprising Family addresses many of the most critical challenges to family continuity. Though it may take more than a generation of time to develop, it is a vision for all families to keep in mind as they develop their future plans and policies

Many family businesses may feel they are insulated from the current pressure on improvement of corporate governance but could benefit from the wisdom, experience and family detachment that a non-executive director has to offer

Family business members have a special, emotional attachment to their business and being a consultant to these companies can be a rewarding experience. The best training is experience and a genuine interest in each specific case

There are still very few women occupying the upper management levels in larger companies. Is this due to the difficulty in prioritising between business and family? Being part of a family business could offer a flexible coexistence of both

A while ago I was in the classroom facing around 30 sons and daughters of entrepreneurs, aged between 25 and 30.

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