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Ownership and Management


It’s been two years since FIB first reported on the formation of a new family business organisation, the Institute for Family Business, the UK chapter of the Family Business Network. Suzy Bibko interviewed Grant Gordon to find out how the association had progressed.

The University of Gloucestershire embarked on a new programme in 2003 – the first ever MBA dedicated to family business.

The dilemma of accepting, as an in-law, an opportunity proffered within a family business can be a difficult one. Make sure you know exactly why it’s being offered before accepting the ‘challenge’

Problems in family businesses can be multi-layered and can become increasingly complex if the correct questions are not addressed to ascertain the root of the problem

When the 1990s economic boom in the US ended, it forced families with their own businesses to focus on their core values, core competencies and to count their blessings – a good way to weather the tough economy

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