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Family owners, and all major shareholders in the family business, need to understand the strategic planning process of their business to sustain the long-term value of their company

The FBN’s Next Generation Worldwide Meeting proved once again to be a big success, attracting over 400 participants. This year, however, delegates included not only junior family members but also senior family members wishing to learn more about the challenges that will face their offspring

Jim Waldron, CEO of Capitol Enterprises, an entertainment centre business, is struggling with his son-in-law’s increasingly difficult behaviour.

September 11 caught the world by surprise. One year on, the World Trade Center isn’t the only thing being rebuilt – many family businesses have to face tough decisions on succession, sales, hiring and development

Family feuds can fester for generations and the conflict may have a disastrously destructive effect on the family and the prospects for its business. Communication and respect are the keys to avoiding damaging family conflicts

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