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If you buy into the premise from my book Wealth Management Unwrapped that you are the figurative CEO of My Wealth, Inc, you will be business-minded in your approach to your wealth. However, most individuals continue to do five things they would never do if they were running a business.

Around Thanksgiving I caught up with Corey Boles, US analyst for political consultancy Eurasia, and we talked turkey about what family businesses might expect from inside the Beltway this year.

Ever been in a car with a backseat driver? At best, they are annoying to drive with and, at worst, a downright distraction. Ultimately, they can affect the safety of all passengers – themselves included – and make the driver feel like they’re not up to the task.

While recent changes may well be good for the American public at large – and particularly those who would have otherwise been uninsured – recent changes in how healthcare is delivered to the masses have nonetheless had a curious affect on ultra-affluent families. 

Since the global financial crisis struck in 2008, offshore financial centres (OFCs) have come under sustained attack. As the world’s leading economies struggled to balance their books in the face of massive declines in tax revenue, the lowest fruit was seen to be hanging from the offshore tree.

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