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Swiss family offices, where wealthy families have their money managed, are reportedly embracing outsourcing in a bid to keep pace with the growing cost and complexity of managing investments.

Family businesses and the disaster recovery industry make unlikely bedfellows, yet when it comes to business continuity planning the parallels are striking.

According to an old adage, with age comes wisdom. In the family business world, some would beg to differ. Consider the question of why aging family business leaders tend to dawdle on the way to exit or even fail to see the good sense of preparing to pass on their business in good time.

The myth that the eldest son automatically inherits the bulk of a wealthy estate or family business could be exploded once and for all, if the findings of a new study on Britain’s rich are to be believed.

Supporters of family business come in various guises. So who would have thought a vociferous critic in Dubai would qualify?

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