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Asset Management


“I’ve sold my family business – now what?” The deal is done but the ordeal is not. Ed Lazar explains how the personal change for the owner is only beginning and how families should be prepared for what comes their way in the aftermath of a business sale


Handing over a family business to the next generation carries with it many inherent risks. Tom Davidow sets out the steps you should follow to ensure that a succession passes off successfully and the business is ready for the next phase of its development

News : Trendsetter

There are more millionaires living in America than ever before, and with many putting off retirement wealth preservation is an important issue. Marc Smith reports on the investment habits of the super-rich and finds that all is not as it seems …

Round Table : Alternative Investments

Families in Business chaired a roundtable discussion at Campden’s Family Alternative Investment Conference to discuss whether now is a good time for families to purchase AIs, the growing impact of green investments and the asset classes to look out for

Governance : Transitions

When a family decides to sell their business, the transaction that transpires is not purely financial. Fredda Herz Brown and Dennis Jaffe discuss how a family can evolve into a well-structured, diversified, financial entity, working together across generations

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