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Asset Management

Calamos Investments, the family-run diversified investment firm, thinks it has found a silver lining to the credit crunch and is making a bold bid to reap some much needed rewards.

Ogier, a provider of offshore legal and fiduciary services, is launching a new personalised wealth planning service to ultra high net worth individuals and family businesses.

Investment Professionals (IPRO) has been managing family portfolios in the Indian Ocean and Sub-Saharan African regions since 1992.

Discretionary portfolios exceed US$200 million, with an international client base from Europe, Africa and Mauritius.

When should you move your trust from one country to another and what’s the easiest way to do it?

A lack of direction by the UK government has led to a fevered activity for wealthy, resident non-domiciled individuals. What is the state of play in a climate where many are considering taking their wealth elsewhere?

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