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Research suggests that investors are increasing their exposure to real estate. But if that’s where the hot money is going it’s much less clear how to invest, where to get advice and who to work with for the best results, says Richard Willsher

Private equity money has always rung alarm bells for family businesses – no one wants to relinquish power to outsiders. But outside input can have myriad benefits, including scope for expansion and independent pension arrangements, writes Bob Reynolds

Exacerbated by high-profile blow-ups, UK pension funds just can’t shake their fear of hedge fund risk, finds Melanie Stern

Money has been pouring into hedge funds but performance, in general, has been disappointing. Meanwhile new trends are emerging as funds and their investors seek better returns. Richard Willsher reports

Global competitive pressures mean many of Europe’s family businesses will need to divest their non-core activities or raise fresh capital. Wealth managers say this will increase investor exposure to private equity. What happens next, asks Scott McCulloch

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