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The investment company behind one of Italy’s most powerful families is to invest in one of Asia’s leading alternative investment managers.

Despite some high profile failures hedge funds had a successful year in 2007. As investors evaluate which funds will perform best in 2008, Reg Crowder meets the experts to shed some light on the trends to watch over the next 12 months

Once a family has decided to set up and manage its own hedge fund there are many factors that must be considered. Michael Fischer interviews two families who have already taken the plunge to see what can be learned from their experiences

For families wishing to invest in hedge funds there are various steps that should be undertaken to help ensure returns in this booming asset class. Reg Crowder offers some tips for first time investors who are looking to third party providers

In this in-depth look at hedge funds, families can learn how to set up and manage a fund, seek out third party providers and get insight into which trends to watch during the year. James Moore starts things off with advice on gaining access to exclusive funds

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